Virtual Events
SITEFORUM Virtual Events
Create, execute and monitor virtual events
as a permanent sales channel, as temporary or single event.

Extend your events online!

Virtual events are used to activate visitors of a physical event. Or to extend one or even fully replace it. Easy setup and cost-efficiency allow to run such an event many times per month or year - using the same content again and again.

Virtual events are sustainable, offer numerous benefits and can be a starting point for successful collaboration networks. Our strength is to combine virtual events with CRM and mobile apps, connecting B2B cloud-based marketeting with virtual events. Thus we realize the complete sales cycle.

  • virtual events transfer traditional business models int the online world, reachiung new target groups
  • No travel, easy to join - enabling many more participants
  • Unlimited reach, new customers, more contacts who would never join the real event
  • Simple administration. Parallel operation of events
  • Converting the traditional busines concept to online, where vistors become registered users. Getting thought leaders, experts, editors as keynote speakers, emboldening the event’s relevance.

Unlimited number of halls and booths

For each event an unlimited number of exhibitors halls can be assigned. Each hall can contain up to nine exhibitor booths. The design of the halls can also be customized by the administrator.

Booth in corporate design

The administrator can assign exhibitors to booths. He can determine the exact position of the booth in a hall and also define layout, color and logo.

Useful booth functionality

Both the organizer and the owner of the booth can change the main settings.
  • Contents (logo, company image, news, document downloads and corporate video) can be quickly and easily created and changed at any time.
  • Booth owners can manage all important, reusable information about the company in their own company profile.
  • The booth can display either a video or live stream of a camera, changing the components is possible at any time. This also makes live webinars and presentations possible for example.
  • Employees can be set as administrators in the company profile and images can be uploaded for additional personnel, making them available as customized booth staff.
  • Each booth contains a live display of any visitors and representatives that are currently visiting the booth. Visitors can get in touch in real time with exhibitors and other users via chat.
  • Visitors can leave a note and a callback request at the booth with just a click. Booth personnel may look at these "business cards" and be informed by email when new business cards have been sent.
  • Many other reporting options are available.

Webcast Auditorium

Webcasts, keynotes and other presentations take place in the webcast auditorium. These can be real-time content or finished videos. The operator can comfortably edit the contents.

Company profiles and listings

The company profile is the basis for the most important information in the booth and makes the exhibitors, or their company, an important part of the company directory.

A company can equip its profile with various information for presentation: products and services, information material, references, partners, branches, exhibits, contact persons, news, logos and uploaded files. Visitors of a profile can be viewed and notes can be added for them. Google Maps displays the exact location of the company.


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