Employee portals


Create a platform for your employees to transform complex processes into digital self-services. For an optimized workday.

The transfer of information and data in day-to-day business, as well as communication with employees, is a major challenge in any company and also requires a significant amount of time. Employee Portals help you to reduce hurdles for your employees and to make processes in your company more efficient.

For example, make your employees payroll available digitally, let them apply for vacation online, or use the employee portal for your central corporate communications. Even complex cross-departmental processes can be fully digitized via forms and modern applications. SITEFORUM helps you to automate your processes in order to save money, time and valuable resources and also to improve internal communication.

The benefits of an employee portal

  • optimization of workflows due to comfortable digital solutions
  • simplified employee communication thanks to the employee portal as a central platform
  • manual efforts are reduced by efficient digital processes.
  • lower costs by eliminating paper-based and postal processes (payroll, correspondence, requests etc.)


These features are included as standard in our software for employee portals. However, building on this, we can integrate additional features and modules at any time to make your solution even more suitable for your use case.
Employee login
Each employee gets access to the portal depending on their requirements.
User roles let you control access to content and functionality.
Send important messages or provide content effortlessly via the CMS.
Make documents available for viewing or downloading.
Automate processes with the SITEFORUM Form Builder - it's easy.
SITEFORUM is inherently multilingual for international customers.
Easily provide content via our content management system.
Responsive Design
Our portals are optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Why an employee portal powered by SITEFORUM?

  • we have years of experience: we implemented the first employee portals as early as 2004
  • we are industry-independent
  • our digitalization platform contains 80% of the requirements for your solution - everything else will be developed tailor-made for you
  • our product is constantly being developed further - we thus ensure that your solution is always state-of-the-art
  • our products are browser-based and responsive (mobile optimized) - this allows access from anywhere and any device


Convince yourself! Our showcases give you an insight into our projects and solutions.

Digital time recording in the skilled trades

Digital time recording in the skilled trades

Week after week, 1,000 employees sent in their working hours by mail for payroll purposes. Based on the SITEFORUM digitization platform, the timesheet was converted into a user-friendly digital form in the THOR employee portal. For more efficiency, less paper and lower costs.

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Recording of qualifications for 1,000 craftsmen

Recording of qualifications for 1,000 craftsmen

The daily challenge of finding the right fitters for a customer order from among 1,000 employees was previously very complex for THOR. SITEFORUM therefore developed a qualification recording and a complex employee search. This saves time and ensures greater customer satisfaction.

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