Professional Social Networks & Communities

Run your own social network

Create the social community for your industry or special interest with all the interraction you need plus commercial features including memberships, sponsorships, advertising and more. You own it, you run it, we help you to be successful.

Virtual tradeshows and events, premium memberships, vendor directory - there are many options for you to generate revenue and grow your business.

Who runs online communities ?

Publishers | Information brokers | Industry Associations | Market Leaders | Challengers | Event & Tradeshow Organizers | Consultants | Agencies


  • We concentrate on useful features that allow you to establish an ecosystem, connect all relevant players and increase revenue with online business models. You do not need to build all this yourselves.
  • We do not charge for every registered user. We charge per 10,000 registered users.
  • We can scale very quickly for fast-growing and large communities.

Next Steps

Social Networks powered by SITEFORUM


Features to commercialize your community

Virtual Tradeshows & Events | Job Board | Premium Memberships | Automated Payments | Network Groups | Webinars & Online Meetings | Vendor Directory & Vendor Search

Please note: most CMS or Community platforms do not offer these features.


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Programs available for Value-added resellers and implementation partners. Please contact us.