SITEFORUM Cloud Service Platform

Become a specialist cloud-computing vendor using our platform. 

Add industry-specific features and go mass-market using our robust and scaleable platform. Our products are widely-used by many small and medium-sized business. You can quickly customise our products for your specific industry needs and then use our mass-market-ready technology, experience and deployment options to rollout your new industry solution to many customers.

Extend your business and revenue channels. Become a player in the booming cloud computing market.

Who develops cloud services ?

Franchise Networks | Publishers | Industry Associations | Consultants | Agencies


  • We don't just provide you with software. We also provide you with the right infrastructure and all our knowledge and experience to setup a great industry-specific cloud service for you.
  • We know how to run and host large infrastructures with hundreds of independent client instances.
  • We are familiar with lifecycles for software applications and know how to keep internet applications up-to-date, secure, easy-to-use and state-of-the-art.

Reference customers that run our Cloud Service Platform

mcd vdi nachrichten strato ag content management corporation

Main features

Popular standard product | Industry Customization | Multi-Tenant Architecture | Dynamic Builder and Manager | Automated Billing Processes | Easy Deployment & Roll-Out | Built-in Migration | Centralized Code Base | Instant Update Process


Pricing depends on requirements. Please contact us for a quote.