Managed SEO Our Managed SEO service offers a full range of activities that are designed to improve the ranking of your site in the result lists, to drive more visitors and therewith traffic to your portal and to reach new customers. SITEFORUM provides a sound process to get you into the TOP 10 results of all relevant search engines - and to keep you there.

SITEFORUM SEO360° Approach

The Managed SEO service is based on SITEFORUM SEO360° methodology using our own SEO tools. This well-proven feature secures an optimized the processes in which your portal goes through a circular rotation to reach and maintain a good to very good position among search results.

SITEFORUM SEO360° focuses on these three key aspects:
Google Yahoo Microsoft Live Search


120° Manage Information

As a first step we will conduct basic settings in your portal like 

240° Submit portal to search engines, analyze page rankings

Next step in the process is the content optimization of the portal. Our service makes sure that the HTML-Code is W3C valid and checks the page structure, tables, texts, headlines and data structure. In addition, it screens the internal link structure and eliminates faults. The Google Webmaster Tools are implemented in SITEFORUM so we can generate and update Google Sitemaps directly in the portal. XML Sitemaps for Yahoo and Microsoft are also generated by the portal. This is all done by people, not machines and tailored for your portal and its audience.

360°  Constantly view, control and measure results

We regularly review all of your results enabling us to constantly improve and optimise you site creating a fine tuned site that consistently scores well in ranking checks. Our Managed SEO service provides you with a monthly report and analysis of rankings with statistics about the numbers of visitors reaching the website including details about where they were referred from and which keywords they used. This ranking review ensures we provide immediate reaction to changes in the search engine’s algorithms which provides precise content optimisation.

Satisfied Customers has been a SITEFORUM customer for many years and has used our Managed SEO services since 2006. gets more than 10,000 visitors from Google alone every week.

SEO Packages

We provide the Managed SEO service in three different packages. The "Basic" package contains the most important basic settings and gets deployed once by our SEO experts. For example the basic checklists and the main files index.html and robots.txt are deployed. The "Advanced" package has a more comprehensive range. Focus her is on the optimisation of content. The "Professional" package is the largest one. Results and contents get checked and further optimised monthly. In a professional process ranking results get controlled and adjusted. You will receive a monthly SEO report which shows the progress in great detail. The minimum term for this package is six months which is a necessary period of time to achieve visible results. After these six months you can end the service anytime with a notice period of one month.

You can access the SEO information center anytime to get useful tips and tricks.

Note: Combine a SEO package with a Social Media package and benefit from a attractive discount. Here you can see the possibilities to combine the services

Scope  of  Services Basic Advanced Professional
Controlling SITEFORUM basic checklist
Optimising index.html, robots.txt
Setup Google Sitemaps
Setting dynamic/speaking URLs for CMS and Blogs
Title optimising: suffix, prefix
Checking advanced SITEFORUM checklist
Research, analysis and recommendation of 30 keywords
Optimising of meta data, page title and header (max. 50 menus/20 stories)
Checking page reproduction, tables, texts, headlines and data structures
Checking and optimising internal link structure and URLs
Checking webmaster tools (sitemaps, session Ids, etc.)
Setting canonical URLs (with www or without www)
Optimising portal contents
Controlling internal link structure and URLs
Monthly checking of Google results
Monthly SEO report
Recommendations for optimising website
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