One of the leading transport companies in Europe

Netinera Deutschland GmbH is one of the leading transport services organisations in Europe operating a fleet of over 12,000 vehicles, employing over 34,000 people and providing more than one billion passenger journeys each year. Netinera Deutschland GmbH consists of six firms including passenger traffic, freight transportation, leasing, technology and vegetable oil technology.

In Germany, Arriva offers a wide range of transport services including operating local and regional services, charter services, leasing vehicles and vehicle maintenance and reconditioning.


Netinera needed to standardise and streamline their business processes including the collection and approval of incoming invoices to achieve substantial savings from prompt payment of invoices. They decided to look for web-based, process-improvement software for the company.


SITEFORUM and Netinera together defined, developed and launched a new internal document management and workflow solution. This is now used company-wide as a core application integrated with accounting. All invoices are now scanned and routed for internal approval using the SITEFORUM workflow solution. Employees see only their own invoices and can approve them or return them with attached notes - all online.


The business benefits of the system are clear. There is full audit-trail for each file, which employees are assigned to action, of current status,  added notes, and of who is next in the process. The system is 100 % web-based and employees only need an internet browser for using the system anytime and anywhere.

Tino Hahn, Integration Manager Finance/Maintentance/IT of Netinera Deutschland GmbH said:
”With SITEFORUM we automated our document handling and have achieved our aim to be more effective with our business processes. It is cost-efficient, fast, concise, easy to handle and in real-time. As a private transportation company we are constantly in search of innovative solutions. SITEFORUM is our partner for that.

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