Update your website to include personalisation, social media integration and social networking. 

It's time to bring the conversations from Facebook and other social sites back to your own online presence.  Your visitors expect you to participate in the social world but they also want a dedicated, secure destination where they can engage more directly with you.
Whether you want to encourage feedback and discussion about your content, have user-generated blogs and forums, a support wiki or even a customer community. Everything is now easily possible. Completely integrated with your website. All with automatic synchronisation with your preferred social sites so nothing gets missed.

Who says you can't be everywhere at the same time ?!...more

Ignite your extended organisation with employee-driven content, collaboration and networking

Your employees are used to social networking outside the workplace. Now you can provide a secure and dedicated social network environment where they can easily share and collaborate inside the organisation. 

Harnessing collective knowledge and fostering interaction immediately increases staff effectiveness, communication and innovation all of which is great for your bottom line...more

Virtual Events and Tradeshows

Now you can organize Virtual Events including Online Seminars, Presentations and Conferences complete with a Virtual Exhibition and Sponsor Booths. Delegates can network online and can also communicate with other participants in realtime...more

Use the latest social tools to achieve break-through business performance

Business is inceasingly collaborative and social business solutions immediately deliver increases in organisational effectiveness and communications.

Now you can design and implement your own business processes to support your innovations and business best-practices. From optimised sales reporting to customer service information and integration, you can quickly create secure and reliable business solutions in the SITEFORUM cloud...more info

Run your own social network

Become the next Facebook or LinkedIn for your industry or special interest with commercial features including memberships, sponsorships, advertising and more. You own it, you run it, we help you to be successful.

Virtual tradeshows and events, premium memberships, vendor directory - there are many options for you to generate revenue and grow your business...more

Become a specialist cloud-computing vendor using our platform. 

Add industry-specific features and go mass-market using our robust and scaleable platform. Our products are widely-used by many small and medium-sized business. You can quickly customise our products for your specific industry needs and then use our mass-market-ready technology, experience and deployment options to rollout your new industry solution to many customers.

Extend your business and revenue channels. Become a player in the booming cloud computing market...more