Online Communities

SITEFORUM supports all the operational and commercial needs of online communities and member organisations. You can now create dynamic communities with premium services including realtime collaboration and online events, delivering greater value to your members and increased revenue opportunities for your organisation.
SITEFORUM have worked with some of the most innovative online communities helping them to grow their memberships and revenues. Our extensive experience enables us to provide you with practical advice to help you deliver value for your members and also generate a healthy ROI on your investment.

Profile Building: You will want to establish your site as the leading destination for news and networking in your sector and we can provide the tools to make this happen. All your content will be indexed for Search Engine Optimisation and you can use many techniques such as RSS feeds, social bookmarks and other social media widgets to ensure your content reaches the widest possible audience.

Community Building: We can help you decide which tools and techniques work best to engage most effectively with your visitors and encourage users of all levels to become more involved and participate in the community. We can advise you on content organisation and personalisation (members only content, specific users groups etc) as well as best-practices for your newsletters, content alerts and interactive messaging.

Commercial Opportunities: Almost all sites need to generate commercial returns to fund their operations and return value to the organisation. SITEFORUM have developed a powerful toolset to enable you to provide appropriate commercial opportunities and at the same time optimise the member experience.

Our leading-edge technology developments enable you to be a leader in your sector and take advantage of  additional publicity, member kudos and commercial benefits.