Corporate Social Networking

Facebook, mySpace and LinkedIn have pioneered social networking tools, SITEFORUM is your way to implement this in your world, improving your value chain and creating more efficient business models with a proven ROI.
SITEFORUM enables customers like you to innovate new business solutions which work perfectly for your people and your processes. Social media tools and techniques bring systems to life with personalised content and rich-media information access, real-time interaction with co-workers - irrespective of time or place - and alerts/updates by email and/or text.

Use SITEFORUM to deliver business-critical services online including:

Boost Sales Team Performance

  • Realtime sales data and fast access to latest product information, pricing and sales support materials
  • Up-to-date customer and market information
  • Collaboration with team members on key accounts including bid preparation
  • Collaboration with Partners and Channel members for information and resource sharing

Enhanced Marketing

  • Clear messaging and product positioning incorporating rich-media and digital campaigns
  • Powerful market interaction and communication via blogs, forums, network groups etc
  • Improved product and brand recognition with effective, ongoing electronic marketing
  • On-demand customer services including the use of realtime chat and personal messaging as appropriate
  • Promotion and education using online events and supporting media activities (podcasts, webinars, etc)

Improved Operational Effectiveness

  • Global, 24 x 7 access to information and resources for all relevant staff
  • Build motivation and morale with shared progress, plans and activities including personalised “what are you doing today?” news feed.
  • Automated invoicing including approval workflow and email sending to improve revenue timing.
  • Internal staff networking to find knowledge and expertise to support business initiatives
  • Collaboration on projects and tasks using a range of tools including virtual whiteboards and groupchat
  • Cost saving with consolidation, centralization and standardization of documents and other resources

Download now our new whitepaper on how social networking is changing the way we do business: