Founded in 1998, the SITEFORUM group is the only provider to combine business and social networking solutions on its innovative and proven cloud computing platform.
Companies and organisations around the globe deploy its software-as-a-service solution to map complete customer life cycles online and to create online communities around products, services, topics or complete industries. As a secure and scalable service it offers innovative Enterprise 2.0 functionalities, such as social networking, content management, online marketing and collaboration.

The technology also offers powerful development tools providing extended functionality and flexibility for the adaptation, expansion and integration needed in today's fast changing online world. 100 % web-based, customisable and scalable, its platform is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed wherever and whenever from any web browser.
Companies that have looked to SITEFORUM for social applications delivered as a service include McDonald’s, Informa, HR.com, Netinera, VBL, and Microsoft.

Headquartered in Germany, SITEFORUM also has regional presences and contacts in the UK, the USA, Canada and Asia.
Its comprehensive set of social applications allows a diverse variety of organisations across multiple industries to build instant networks, collaborate and create revenues.