Managed Hosting & Cloud computing

Managed Hosting is a core component in our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product offering. Early 2000 we provided our first high-quality managed hosting service to our customers.
Our servers are located in state of the art data centres around the world and serve hundreds of thousands of users everyday. Our partners distribute SITEFORUM services via their own large data centres and we are responsible for automating this plus online billing coordination.

The advent of ‘Cloud Computing’ allows us to be a premier partner of yours, driving more computing services via the web and with this brings significant cost savings as computing delivers change in this 21st century revolution.

Full Range of Hosting Models

Virtual & dedicated Servers
Affordable and cost-effective options for small and mid-sized portals with moderate load and traffic.
High-availability infrastructure
Dedicated web server and database server with integrated replication and failover server. Ideal for mission-critical portals that cannot afford any downtime and need a high-performance setup to run their online business.
Scalable highperformance
Built for the highest demands in performance and fault-tolerance; able to handle several thousands of concurrent users.
Dedicated High-Performance Mail-Server
Allows you to send large volumes of personalized email campaigns everyday.
Encapsulated Development and Staging systems
Enables you to test portal functionaly, customizations and new versions without impacting your production infrastructure.

Base Services

Data Centre
Hosting of your portal in one of the largest data centres in Germany which is secure, reliable and has several redundant network connections.
We guarantee uptime from 98% per month up to 99.9% per month (depends on the selected Service Level Agreement)
Around the clock monitoring of your site.
Our experienced network operation center team reacts in case of emergency or unexpected downtime usually within minutes.
Emergency Ticket
An online form allows you to create a high-priority emergency ticket that will be sent directly to the network operation centre. This gives you the reassurance that people are there that can help you.
SITEFORUM runs system updates and initiate preventative maintenance of all system components.
SITEFORUM creates complete daily backups of your portal that will be kept for up to 7 days.
You get daily state-of-the-art web-statistics that show user visits, hits, page requests and traffic.
Support will be provided via email and ticketing system which provides easy tracking of issues and resolutions.
Our managed hosting infrastructure is based on high-performance, secure and reliable SuSE ® Linux Systems. All our systems are equipped with RAID systems and redundant power units.
Data Transfer
Free FTP access for mass data transfer.