Virtual Events

Improving sales effectiveness, revolutionising customer service and massively reducing cost; Virtual Events from SITEFORUM, breaks down geographical barriers, showcases your portfolio to the widest possible audience and reaps the sales rewards.


SITEFORUMS Virtual Events modules include everything you need to run public, commercial and corporate events online. Supplement your Tradeshow or Exhibition with an online version to create a truly hybrid experience with lots of new commercial options. The future is bright for Events ... and its Virtual!
Virtual Event Booth

Virtual Event Auditorium


Create slick customer, partner and employee presentations and communicate your vision, proposition or training programme to an online global audience – at a fraction of the cost of physical events.


Develop direct online relationships with visitors through SITEFORUMS’s Virtual Reception. Get proactive with prospects and move then from ‘cool’ to ‘qualified’ through instant engagement, information and advice via real-time messaging.
Virtual Event Booth

Virtual Event Auditorium


No meeting rooms? No problem. Simply greet customers and prospects in SITEFORUM’s virtual meeting spaces or networking lounge. They’re perfect venues for time-poor executives, reluctant or unable to travel, and with no physical cost.


From building partnerships to extending your sales channels, our virtual exhibitions, events, seminars and resource centres bring your prospects and USPs together, fast. Your virtual world is backed up by a comprehensive analytics and reporting module, tracking activity, to enable immediate follow-up and deliver business results.
Virtual Event Booth