SITEFORUM and the publishing world have collaborated to increase the traditional business of print, using a parallel platform in the online world. This collaboration ensures that it reaches new target groups, allowing growth and new business models to be created, while improving return on Investment.
The Challenge
Often publishing is focused on one topic source and with this reduce the opportunity to grow wider communities, when using an online platform this can spread to other readers and communities at the touch of a button. This creates an effective eco system with readers, subscribers, advertisers and experts alike. To help users capture their information online through the Internet and not by buying printed titles or subscriptions, is at the same time balancing the traditional business model with the new. Today, a new target of groups that can be reached with matching search results, e.g. after search requests in Google or Twitter, is fast and key to the new reader of the 21st century.

The Opportunity
Diverse business models which do not exist in the offline world can be realised online. For example publishers can gain a large amount of online customers through virtual fairs and online communities - without big investments in time and money.

The Core Process
SITEFORUM provides a ready to go process for publications and magazines.

The Whitepaper
Donwload the whitepaper now to find out more regarding communities, online strategies and business models especially for publishers.