Business Collaboration

Unlock the potential of your business with social collaboration from SITEFORUM. Let colleagues connect and freely share knowledge and expertise online and you’ll boost creativity, stimulate innovation and increase productivity. Your people, and your business, will reap the rewards.


Sharing news, ideas, information and opinions is now as easy as can be. You can use personalised blogs with embedded  pictures, videos, links and text to target content at your work network, groups or the whole community and readers can respond with ratings or comments. Because its easy, you can now share knowledge and expertise as widely across the community as you like; others get the benefits and you get the recognition you deserve..
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Your new virtual environment becomes the catalyst for business growth. Connected colleagues come together in network groups, forums or chat sessions to exchange ideas, share experiences and work together to drive the business forward.


SITEFORUM enables you to upload videos, images, content and documents exclusively within your network. Our inbuilt document management tools assure complete integrity, from security and permissions through version control to document check-in/out. You’re being creative, but you’re also in complete control.
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Your business is only as good as your people. With our help, they can reach their best. From training webcasts, wiki-based sharing, expert blogs and knowledge forums our collaboration suite drives development and learning.


With SITEFORUM Social Business Suite, everyone in the company can be visible and contactable online using the Virtual Presence Manager (VPM). This real-time communication tool enables first-hand discussion without the need for a phone call or  email.
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