Ingenico are the global leader in the secure electronics payments industry. With sales in 125 countries around the world, they are one of the largest suppliers of Epos card devices and services. Ingenico’s turnover of 780 million Euros in 2008 made them the largest company in this field.

With more than 15 million payment terminals in live operation around the world, Ingenico don’t simply react to emerging payments trends, they help shape the market. Ingenico deliver innovative new payment terminals that address developing market needs. The company ensures flexibility demands, whether the customer requires a wired or wireless solution or both. And they connect the physical and online worlds to develop new ‘ways to pay’.

Ingenico Case Study

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Innovation is at the heart of their business and is crucial in allowing their customers to make use of extended offers outside of conventional payment to include contactless solutions, prepaid services, ticketing and more in-depth loyalty programmes. Upgrading Ingenico's online world meant to have better interaction with the community and this is why SITEFORUM was chosen.


SITEFORUM ‘Social Networking for Business’ allowed Ingenico the ability to manage a single corporate view for the whole company. In using the social site as a place to offer their customers, employees and partners the right location to gain knowledge about Ingenico and their products are key. The interaction with each other has established the service as mission critical to their business going forward, this has been proven valuable beyond their expectations.

The communications group, part of the global marketing team reporting to Christophe Dolique, Executive Vice President, states "that this service provides a clear and complete view of all their products and services to the Ingenico community."

Incorporating Twitter extends their world to the masses, but more important the integration via their links to Active Directory and Exchange from the SITEFORUM service, allows every single employee access to their internal 'Intranet City' servers, using the user management of the SITEFORUM service with single sign on across the globe, makes this easy and efficient to do.


This user management capability and the social networking features from SITEFORUM provide Ingenico with the tools to extend, blog, publish wikis, access from mobile devices and have network groups, which can now bring in closed and open forums of employees and partners discussing the evolution and changes in the payment industry.

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