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Getting closer to your customers, business partners and professional colleagues just got easier with SITEFORUM. Create a collaborative community to open up communications and sharing of information, capturing crucial feedback and generating sales and marketing content at the same time.

Make money from your Professional Community : SITEFORUM has all the tools you need to create sustainable revenue streams which can fund ongoing site operations and business growth.


Update your profile : who you are, what you do and what you know are valuable pieces of information to your network and potential contacts. Allow other members to know your key strengths, skills and knowledge areas so they can include you in the right conversations.
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Create your own unique business communications and collaboration network - extending your professional knowledge and influence. Find Members who have information or skills you need by search the community, browsing content and using the network graphs. "Who you know" is now a whole lot easier to manage.
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Every community has members with specialised interests or activities and you can join those relevent to you or create one of your own. Network Groups are great for product collaboration, project teams or special interest groups. Its easy to get involved.

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Let your network know whats happening in your world by adding status updates - it can be surprising how even a little information sharing has lots of benefits. Activity Feeds for your Network and Groups keep you up to speed with all relevent developments. You can bypass overloaded email inboxes with direct messages and community posts.


Professional communities often need their own revenue sources to cover operational costs and site development. You can choose the right value drivers for your community and these can include premium memberships, premium content and/or an online shop, advertising and sponsorship, paid-for network groups and even online and virtual events.SITEFORUM supports all these and provides online payment options.
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