Managed Social Media

Tweeting in Twitter, a profile on Facebook and LinkedIn or videos on YouTube – the whole world talks about Social Media... the hype began in our private lives but is now effecting our professional ones.
Communication among each other, behaviour of consumers and the transparency of whole industries has changed dramatically since Web 2.0 found its way from the home computer to the workplace. SITEFORUM provides everything you need to succeed in this new environment recreating your business into Enterprise 2.0. Beside the technology you can also hire our experience, knowhow and expertise.


With various activities you can reach both soft and hard objectives, which will increase both your reputation and your sales volume.
  • Establishing your brand and increasing brand awareness
  • Increasing the awareness level of your company
  • Building and fostering a positive reputation
  • Improving the image of your company, your services and products
  • Intercepting negative opinions in blogs and forums
  • Distributing content, messages and facts efficiently
  • Developing a new sales approach
  • Increasing interaction and transparent communication
  • Enhancing the scope and the amount of users
  • Improving the number of visitors of your portal
  • Exploiting new customers
  • Increasing sales and revenues
  • Improving sales relations with existing customers


Beside the actual activities on the different platforms we also support you with other topics.
  • Helping you understand the different aspects of social media and how they relate to your company
  • Competition analysis concerning current numbers in the industry respectively of competing companies
  • Defining and determining the objectives
  • Analysing and choosing platforms which meet your company’s needs (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, etc.)
  • Setting up, enhancing and maintaining the accounts in the different social networks
  • Continous supporting and ongoing optimisation of these accounts
  • Preparing monthly reports of results
Note: Combine a Social Media package with a SEO package and benefit from an attractive discount. Here you can see the possibilities to combine the services


With these up to date numbers you can get what it means to be present in social media as a company (Effective: February 2010).

  • more than 500 Mio. users worldwide
  • 700.000 Business Facebook Fan pages
  • 10 % - 20 % growth per month
  • 175 Mio. users within 24 hrs
  • 35 Mio. daily status updates
  • 65 Mio. mobil access
  • over 50 Mio. users in 2 years
  • 20 % growth only in January 2010
  • 75 Mio. accounts
  • 27,3 Mio. tweeds/day --> 10 Mrd. tweets/year
  • over 60 Mio. users

Social Media Packages

Scope of Services Basic Professional
Setting up a twitter profile including background image
Placing a twitter icon on your website linking to your twitter account (“Follow us”)
Winning 1.000 up to 1.500 followers within the first 6 months
Winning up to 5.000 followers within the first 12 months (twelve months term required)
Posting tweets continuously (news, blogs, statements, videos, ect.)
Creating up to 30 default tweets in the SITEFORUM administration
Facebook Fan Page
Setting up a company page
Integrating a Facebook “I Like” Button on the Website
Providing information about the company
Setting up photos (logo, managers, employees, ect.) and linking of fans
Starting discussions, surveys, etc.
Posting links, videos and events
Initialising a whiteboard (virtual board for users to collaborte)
Finding fans and increasing the numbers
Adding and designing own tabs
Setting up a complete company profile
Indicating an detailed, actual company description
Searching new employees
Indicating a list of the employees
Setting up a group
Youtube &Slideshare
§ Setting up an own channel
Uploading and setting up videos, presentations, documents, etc.
Spreading and linking new videos on other platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
Spreading and linking new presentations on other platforms
Bookmarks &Wikipedia & Google Maps
Registering on important services, posting news and content
Setting up bookmarks on the homepage (icons)
Setting up articles about the company (Note: we cannot give 100 % guarantee if Wikipedia accepts an ariticle due to very strict rules concerning company presences)
Marking the location of the company (important for SEO)
995,- Euro
one time
995,- Euro
All prices plus VAT