Combined: Managed Social Media with Managed SEO

Social Media is pronounced good qualified for seo, when you are ready to invest more time than before. SEO and Social Media belong togehter. Combine a SEO package with a Social Media package and benefit from a attractive discount. If you have futher questions please contact our sales staff under
Scope of Services Basic Advanced Professional
Managed SEO
Controlling SITEFORUM basic checklist   
Setup Google Sitemaps   
Title optimising: suffix, prefix
Checking advanced SITEFORUM checklist no
Setting canonical URLs (with www or without www) no
Optimising index.html, robots.txt no
Setting dynamic/speaking URLs for CMS and Blogs    no
Research, analysis and recommendation of 30 keywords    no
Optimising of meta data, page title and header (max. 50 menus/20 stories) no
Checking page reproduction, tables, texts, headlines and data structures no
Controlling internal link structure and URLs no
Checking webmaster tools (sitemaps, session Ids, etc.)    no
Monthly Advanced SEO report no
Controlling SITEFORUM professional checklist    no no
Optimising portal contents no no
Checking and optimising internal link structure and URLs no no
Monthly checking of Google results    no no
Recommendations for optimising website    no no
Monthly professional SEO report no no
Managed Social Media
Setting up a twitter profile including background image
Placing a twitter icon on your website linking to your twitter account (“Follow us”)   
Winning 1.000 up to 1.500 followers within the first 6 months no no
Winning up to 5.000 followers within the first 12 months (twelve months term required)    no no
Posting tweets continuously (news, blogs, statements, videos, ect.)    no no
Creating up to 30 default tweets in the SITEFORUM administration no no
Facebook Fan Page
Setting up a company page
Integrating a Facebook “I Like” Button on the Website    no
Providing information about the company    no
Setting up photos (logo, managers, employees, ect.) and linking of fans    no
Starting discussions, surveys, etc. no no
Posting links, videos and events no no
Initialising a whiteboard (virtual board for users to collaborte) no no
Finding fans and increasing the numbers    no no
Adding and designing own tabs    no no
Setting up a complete company profile no no
Indicating an detailed, actual company description no no
Searching new employees    no no
Indicating a list of the employees no no
Setting up a group no no
Youtube & Slideshare
Setting up an own channel no
Uploading and setting up videos, presentations, documents, etc.    no
Spreading and linking new videos on other platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)    no no
Spreading and linking new presentations on other platforms no no
Bookmarks &Wikipedia & Google Maps
Registering on important services, posting news and content no
Setting up bookmarks on the homepage (icons)    no
Setting up articles about the company no no
Marking the location of the company (important for SEO) no no
99,- Euro one time
495,- Euro
1495,- Euro
All prices plus VAT