What is SITEFORUM Managed Hosting ?

We are offering SITEFORUM managed hosting services to our customers since a long time and are running our own SITEFORUM datacenter which serves more than hundred thousand users every day. We have detailled knowledge, skills and experience in the operation of internet platforms, technologies, security concepts and business-critical software applications. As the vendor of SITEFORUM we know our product best and enable you to use our expertise for your online business success.

SITEFORUM Managed Hosting is a turn-key package full with services that have a clear mission: To free you up from all technical jobs regarding the availability, reliability, security and performance of your SITEFORUM. We want you to fully concentrate on the success of your online business. You'll get a "all-in-one" package with maximum flexibility for an unbeatable cost-effectiveness which is already included in "SITEFORUM Online" but also available to our "SITEFORUM Enterprise" customers.

Managed Hosting Paket includes these services:

  • Hosting of your SITEFORUM Software-based Portal in a reliable, redundant and secure data center(s).
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.0% per year (the actual reached uptime is most often at least 99,91%).
  • Around the clock monitoring of your SITEFORUM Hosted Portal (immediate notification via SMS or Email, per your request).
  • Rapid reaction (within 2 hours) by our experienced SITEFORUM support team on an emergency case or unscheduled downtime.
  • Updates and preventative maintenance of all system components (Operating System, Webserver, Database, System Components, and SITEFORUM Applications).
  • Complete, daily backups of your Hosted Portal.
  • Daily web statistics (available, standard items transmitted / displayed per your request).
  • Support via Email & Ticket Request System which allows for easy tracking of issues and resolutions.
  • Hosted Portals and Application Solutions are based on high-performance, secure, and reliable SuSE ® Linux Systems.
  • Free FTP Access for mass data transfer.
  • Hosted Portal via Virtual Server Farm using multiple, high performance Dual XEON 2.8 Ghz Servers with SCSI RAIDs, 2 GB RAM (each) handling more than 120,000 requests per hour. Each Hosted Portal has its own protected area and avoids all conflicts.

General information about our hosting infrastructure:

  • Highend professional data center, location Nuremberg, Germany
  • 4x redundant upstreams (1 GB Noris, 1 GB KPNEurorings, 1 GB Lambdanet, 1 GB Nefkom)
  • Own SITEFORUM Racks
  • KVM Switches for remote maintenance
  • Power management: AC: 230V, 16A, USV (battery capacity: 15 minutes) and emergency power generator
  • false floor (earthquake-safe)
  • Climate: average temperature 22 ° C +/ ­ 2 ° C;
  • Remote Video, Audio monitoring, Access around the clock for authorized customers