Social Media Websites

Update your website to provide personalised content, social media integration and social networking. 

It's time to bring the conversations from Facebook and other social sites back to your own online presence.  Your customers value a dedicated, secure destination where they can engage more directly with you.
Whether you want to encourage feedback and discussion about your content, have user-generated blogs and forums, a support wiki or even a customer community. Everything is now easily possible. Completely integrated with your website. All with automatic synchronisation with your preferred social sites so nothing gets missed.

Who says you can't be everywhere at the same time ?

Who needs a social media website?

Small & Midsize Companies | Corporates | Everyone !


  • Our powerful Content Management System (CMS) will meet all your online publishing needs
  • We support personalisation of content for many user groups and our sites all have multi-lingual capability
  • Our social networking features are completely integrated with our CMS - unlike most other vendors who try and bolt 2 products together
  • Our CSS/Design Manager function means we can support any corporate identity and User Interface design.

Reference customers who run our Social Media Websites

  Netinera mcd simalliance 

Main features

Design Manager | Menus | Stories | User Groups | Social Media Integration | Blogs | Wikis | Forums | Ratings | Social Networking | SEO | Analytics & Reporting


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Prices start at €495 per month. Please contact us for a quote.