Our Services

SITEFORUM is easy to implement and, with no technology to support, you can focus 100% on achieving your business objectives. Unlike many software companies, we are passionate about customers getting the best out of our software and we provide a number of services to ensure you achieve this.
Over the last decade we have developed and supported portals for some of the most well-known companies, with more than 1000 customers globally. We have developed best-practice consultancy and technical services for the successful delivery of Social Networking for Business.

Working alongside your team we can help you formulate the most effective strategies and provide specialist resources as required. SITEFORUM provides these services directly in some instances and also through our authorised channel partners.  Our value-add services cover the entire project life-cycle: As a customer you can be assured that we are always keen to review progress and plans with you. At every step of the way we are available to share the latest ideas and inspirations for your successful business, to provide expert resources as required and to include you in our ongoing development plans.