Dealer & Distribution Network

Dealer- and distribution network - establish, expand, care, activate

SITEFORUM Social Networking Portal enables to actively shape customer relations, to efficiently save costs and to exhaust a higher customer obligation with the available sales potential.

Lots of networks are really static and rarely enable to address the desired target group comprehensively and to pattern a customer relation steadily. With our innovative social networking portals you have the possibility to reach customers easier, to network and to exchange and get information more effectively.

Most important Features

SITEFORUM offers a variety of functions around your Dealer network to improve the communication with your distributor:
  • Content Management : You can create editorial content using the integrated Content Management System. Editors can create and publish web content and can assign access rights, multiple languages and multi-region functionality.
  • Newsletter: You can send personalized email newsletters to your partners. These can contain important information about new product launches or new features in upcoming products. Newsletters can also be sent automatically and can contain latest information from the partner portal / community.
  • Polls and Surveys: Sophisticated surveys or simple polls / votings can be started. This helps you to gain important market feedback quickly and adjust product development accordingly.
  • Credit System: Use the integrated credit system to award dealers for desired actions. For example: They can win 100 points if they fill out an online survey.
  • Groups: Partners can join groups that are either moderated by other partners or by your employees. They can discuss topics, manage documents or create events.
  • Webinars: You can easily launch webinars. These can be web-based training or product presentations where many users can watch a live or pre-recorded video and/or powerpoint presentation and interact in realtime.
  • Registration Profile: Can be changed from the dealer and be synchronized with your constituent sytstem.

Get more Information

  • Targeted information
  • Innovative and interactive possibilities of communication
  • Support of available structures and activities of distribution


  • We are concentrating on helpful features, which support your procedures.
  • We are always present for our customers – we supervise your project from the beginning and we make it successful in cooperation with you.




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Who runs Dealer – and distribution networks?

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