The SITEFORUM platform can deliver a turn-key to thousands of your small and mid-size businesses who want more than a static website. SITEFORUM allows you to support this with a completely automated implementation system which links directly to your customer and billing systems.
With SITEFORUM your business customers can purchase and use powerful web solutions in minutes. Within a few clicks they can have a scaleable, managed website or a full social networking solution with intranet and extranet capabilities. This capability is possible only because of our unique platform functionality and advanced SaaS management software.

You can create a whole new business ecosystem with benefits for everyone:

1. Small-Medium Businesses (and big ones too !) can benefit from a world-class web capability at extremely affordable prices. They can now compete - and more - with the largest players in their market.

2. Internet industry professionals can benefit by providing additional services to your SMBs including graphic design, SEO and online marketing, content development and community building. Professional services is now a significant revenue area and we can help you create the appropriate online communities and/or marketplace to facilitate this.

3. ISPs and NSPs like you can benefit greatly as the host of these value-added services. This will deliver direct revenues to your bottom line and provide excellent cross-marketing for your other products and services.

With most software vendors you have to compromise for limited capabilities for your clients or limited scaleability. We can uniquely deliver both and other features and benefits too :
  • Scaleable and cost-efficient architecture which we can provide and/or manage on your behalf.
  • Comprehensive feature management capability supporting standard Portal packages and additional applications from the Apps Store.
  • Powerful API sets for easy communication and secure transactions between SITEFORUM and your systems.
  • High-performance system configurations for guaranteed uptimes and complete system integrity
  • Full business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Customer support and self-service functions including email response system, online support system
  • Regular product releases and seamless upgrade capabilities
  • Reporting and analytics for marketing, site traffic and user history
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