Microsoft is the world's biggest software company

The IdeAgency is a business development community created internally within Microsoft to harness the abundance of ideas and expertise within the organisation.

The innovation process deployed in the IdeAgency consists of an Idea definition – seed, try and learn, prototype - no one is overnight sensation, observe and prioritize…get feedback from your customers…must immediately validate with customers.

IdeAgency includes Idea Exchange , Innovation Challenge – attract seed activity in relevant areas, Global community…grassroots Experts…business Group liaisons…Contribute… freeform or structures comments, votes, and deliver new innovation to grow Microsoft’s business.

Randy Granovetter , Microsoft’s GM for the IdeAgency talked recently at the Innovation Panel Forum about when ideas are bought or brokered by stakeholders who advise & direct, review readiness, and make funding decisions, build Web Services fast, that’s where SITEFORUM’s Platform comes into its own.
SITEFORUM platform licensed as a Service to the IdeAgency allows break neck speed of deployment and total integration with Microsoft’s architecture needs!

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