Consultancy & Project Management

The successful launch and development of your social networking project is much more likely with clearly defined business objectives and realistic plans. We and our authorised partners can help you review your vision for the site and strategies for achieving this.
Our consultants are trained to sit down with you and provide the strategic guidance and hands-on expertise you need based on accumulated knowledge and experience from many previous assignments.

Our planning processes include reference models from a wide variety of industries and you can benefit from innovative solutions and best-practice business processes we have developed with organisations with similar needs to yours. In almost every situation we are able to launch your site using our standard software configuration. Where there are specialist or custom requirements we can quickly propose a solution to accommodate these and get your business operating as effectively as possible. SITEFORUM consultants are kept up-to-date with the latest industry developments and thought-leadership using our own internal collaboration and knowledge-share capabilities. This means that you can be sure our advice and recommendations are based on the most recent industry insights.

Please send us here your details and we will respond promptly.