Employee Portal & Social Intranet

Ignite your organisation with social collaboration and networking

Your employees are used to social networking and sharing with friends. Now you can provide a secure, dedicated social environment where they can easily share and collaborate with colleagues and business partners. 

Harnessing collective knowledge and fostering interaction immediately increases staff effectiveness, communication and innovation all of which is great for your bottom line.

Who uses Employee and Partner portals?

Small-Medium Enterprises | Corporates | Industry Bodies | Not-for-Profit


  • All the features you need are in one, integrated solution so easy-to-use and no duplication.
  • Our SaaS-based portals can be deployed very quickly and cost-effectively so you can be productive almost immediately.
  • SITEFORUM Design Manager means your network can be easily configured to align with your corporate identity.
  • Our integration tools can provide single-sign-on to improve accessibility for all staff
  • Cloud-based solution means the Portals are accesible for all members including home-based employees.

Reference customers who use Employee and Partner portals

Odgers simalliance CSP Network


  • Coming soon


Pricing starts at €495 per month. Please contact us for a quote.