Amusement park "Bayern-Park" starts season 2015 with new website
Bayern-Park starts season 2015 with new website
Contemporary design and mobile optimization in cooperation with SITEFORUM

Amusement park "Bayern-Park" starts season 2015 with new website

June 2nd, 2015 - Erfurt/Reisbach, Germany - Bayern-Park, the leisure paradise for the whole family, is one of the largest amusement parks in Bavaria with 380,000 visitors per season. An attractive website, where all important information about attractions and services is represented in a contemporary design, is essential for lasting success.

In close cooperation with the advertising agency “Werbeagentur Berthold”, who is responsible for concept and design, SITEFORUM made a comprehensive relaunch of the website for the Bayern-Park. Optimization for mobile devices has been the main focus of this relaunch, so that users of tablets and smartphones may view the content and offers without limitations.

The framework integrated into the SITEFORUM platform is so flexible that the site can easily be extended. New image galleries contribute to revaluating the Bayern-Park.

Bayern-Park Website
Advertising agency "Werbeagentur Berthold"

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