Kompetenznetz Mittelstand goes online
Kompetenznetz Mittelstand
a network for the German SME

Kompetenznetz Mittelstand goes online

1st of March 2016 - Leipzig, Germany - Kompetenznetz Mittelstand is the network for the German SME. Companies present their profile and their employees on the SITEFORUM based platform. The companies publish news and press releases and provide documents ready to download. The workforce can connect and exchange views with each other as well as colleagues from other businesses. They can write their own articles and share their expertise.

Dr. Helfried Schmidt, CEO of OPS Netzwerk GmbH and operator of Kompetenznetz Mittelstand says about the introduction of SITEFORUM: "Only two weeks passed between our first contact and the go-live of the portal. The practical and rapid implementation impressed me a lot and convinced me to implement further projects with SITEFORUM."

Organization portal for the German SME Award

The nomination process of the nationwide 'Grand Prix of the SME', which is awarded by the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation, also takes place on the SITEFORUM platform. On the organizational platform users that are registered with the competence network can nominate companies for the competition, manage the nominations password protected and view nominations by third parties of their own company.

Mark Schlenzig, CEO of SITEFORUM GmbH, comments: "While the corporate network was realized with SITEFORUM standard functions, the organizational platform of the 'Grand Prix of the SME' is a custom development service, which was of course integrated seamlessly into the portal. Through close cooperation with the Kompetenznetz Mittelstand the organization of this year's competition will already take place on the new platform. "

4,000 companies are nominated for the Grand Prix of the SME every year. They complete a certified questionnaire online and in turn take part in the award ceremony. A jury will evaluate the questionnaires and select up to three winners and up to five finalists from each province. The various stages of reviews and awards are available publicly on the company profiles.

Several service centers that can be reached online through various channels support companies during the nomination process and beyond in completing the questionnaire.


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