SITEFORUM Release 8.0 - A preview

12. May 2014

May 12th, 2014 - Erfurt, Germany - We are in the middle of the development of our new SITEFORUM release 8.0. This version will mark another milestone in SITEFORUM’s history and is due to be released in summer 2014. It will be an overall improvement of the software and will come with lots of great new features to look forward to. Also, existing features will be consolidated, replaced or given a complete makeover to make sure you get the most efficient tools to support your business. Here is sneak preview of what to expect…

New fully integrated Editor

Throughout the portal you will find a new and fully integrated WYSIWYG editor with a huge featureset for easy content creation in all SITEFORUM modules. We have chosen the CKEditor which has a large open source community, is compatible with all browsers, and allows BBcode and Add-ons. See for more details. We will provide different versions of the editor for different content types and you will be able to select which type you would like to use for your content. We also plan to add a caching mechanism so you don’t have to start from scratch when you leave the page by mistake or your session expired. In case you run own applications in your SITEFORUM portal you will find easy guidelines how to integrate this new WYSIWYG editor.

Improved Subscription Management

The subscription management will be heavily improved and enhanced with release 8.0. This will enable you to subscribe to public media pool folders and receive notifications when new files are available in these folders. In the company directory you also will be able to allow your registered users to follow companies of their choice in order to receive alerts when the company posts new content or uploads new files. A great benefit for companies and your users. Additionally you will be able to easily plugin your own custom applications.

New security feature “Temporary Login”

This new feature supports high data protection transparency as it will enable Portal Masters to nominate a specific user for a login as another user for a limited period of time. This can be very helpful for support incidents or when staff members are on temporary leave and you have to replace them. The nominated user is informed via email that they’ve got a temporary login and can access the portal with the other user’s privileges without knowing the login details. Everything will be tracked and will be available for Portal Masters in their history. You can also switch on email notifications for the user who’s login is being used.

Improved Developer Tools

More and more of our clients decide to build applications on their own based on their SITEFORUM Portal. SITEFORUM 8.0 will be equipped with the stable version of the newly integrated code editor for our development environment, SITEFORUM Studio. This editor ( runs in most browser versions and does now support several functionalities of the SITEFORUM programming language. We will also provide new debug / log files to our increasing developer community which allow you to easily eliminate performance issues and to improve your source code.

Other Highlights

  • Improved way to customize pages with a heavily simplified, easy-to-use Application Pool
  • Improved event application for easy participation
  • Support of the EU cookie directive to easily show your visitors / users the cookie policy of your portal
  • New mass operations for invoice management
  • Story sorting via drag & drop
  • Human readable URL’s in nearly all modules to boost you portal ranking in search engines
  • Significant changes in terms of stability and performance of the SITEFORUM Platform
  • Many minor improvements and bugfixes


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