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Everything from a single source. SITEFORUM offers the success factors for implementing your digital strategy.

SITEFORUM has been supporting its customers for over 15 years with the development of products and services for the implementation of digital strategies. On the one hand, we see ourselves as a technology partner who implements their requirements and wishes with its interdisciplinary team. In addition, however, we are also a partner who demonstrates the opportunities and possibilities of digitalization for your very specific business processes. We put ourselves in their shoes. This mix distinguishes us and sets us apart from other providers.

The SITEFORUM success factors for implementing your digital strategy


Digitization platform

A breakthrough, state-of-the-art technology platform that's ready to go and contains 80% of what you need. Out of the box.

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Implementation and services

An experienced team that understands your scenario and has carried out numerous digitization projects in various industries.

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Managed Cloud Infrastructure

A stable, secure and certified cloud infrastructure that powers your solution, grows with your needs and is fully managed by us. 24/7.

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How we implement your digitization project

With these 6 steps, we turn your business processes into future-proof digital workflows:


Initial interview

In an initial discussion - at your premises, at ours or in a web conference - you tell us what your initial situation is and what issues have prompted you to decide to drive digitization forward in your company.

Timing: week 1


Once the initial critical issues for your project have been discussed, we will look at your previous ways of working and any software you may be using to get a better understanding of the optimizations ahead.

Timing: week 2 

Define goals

Together with you, we develop goals from which the requirements, next steps and milestones result. However, our team is also experienced enough and knows that goals in a project can also change from time to time. 
Our answer to this: flexibility!

Timing: week 2


At SITEFORUM, we are fans of "prototyping" so that our customers can use our product and get used to the features as quickly as possible.
On this basis, the product can be developed further for you much better later than if it has been lying dormant for months in specifications and requirements documents. 

Timing: week 3


We go live with the first milestone of the project so that you as a company can celebrate the first successes and your customers or employees can get used to the solution. At the same time, we do not act in a hurry at all, because besides time, the quality of our service is most important to us. 

Further development

The go-live is just the beginning. The majority of our customers plan their digitization strategy for the long term, i.e. for 5 years or longer. Therefore, we continue to develop the customized customer product to digitize as many critical business processes as possible.

Our customers

These and other companies already rely on SITEFORUM's products & services:

  • SITEFORUM Kunden HRcom
  • SITEFORUM Kunden nordwest-factoring
  • SITEFORUM Kunden abellio
  • SITEFORUM Kunden kompetenznetz-mittelstand
  • SITEFORUM Kunden dermacon
  • SITEFORUM Kunden run
  • SITEFORUM Kunden bss
  • SITEFORUM Kunden lineas
  • SITEFORUM Kunden odgers
  • SITEFORUM Kunden ekf

Get your digital prototype


The SITEFORUM digitalization platform comes with most of the functional and technical requirements to implement your digital strategy - out of the box. This allows us to provide you with a free digital prototype once we understand the basics of your scenario. This is your first step. We are here to help.

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