Quickly deployable, secure & reliable.


SME always need something out-of-the-box to solve everyday tasks. That's what we call 'products' - safe and reliable apps provided as cloud service, always and everywhere available, constantly updated and further developed. Register, pay, use - in less than one hour, anytime, everywhere, on desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone. Important to know that our products are cross-platform compatible, ready for the future.

As an SME you can use SITEFORUM products for a number of Online processes addressing different target and user groups. You select from a variety of applications available and can add others later on.

By using cloud service, you just focus on your business. You don’t worry about technical problems, expensive hardware, or safe data storage. We’re take care 24/7 while you’re saving money.

The SITEFORUM CLOUD always provides current software versions, keeping your business up-to-date.

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