Collaboration & Community

Connect users to create and share knowledge and to use the benefits of a growing community in your portal.
  • easy content authoring and sharing through Facebook and Twitter
  • inline videos and drag & drop images
  • tagging and SEO optimized
  • comment engine and notifications
  • add topics and messages
  • avatars
  • file attachments
  • post- or pre-moderation
  • notifications
  • create wiki sites with categories, html or plain text mode
  • wysiwyg editing
  • access control
  • allow users to suggest or introduce new ideas and vote on these collectively
  • define allowed user groups to participate
  • create complex questionnaires with several pages and different question types
  • the branching option allows you to ask more in-depth questions that relate to the users' responses and thus receive and evaluate relevant information and answers
  • define allowed user groups and a timeframe to participate
  • this application allows you to generate and manage unlimited polls. A poll is a simple question with pre-defined answers that can quickly get users' opinions and preferences
  • a poll can be easily embedded in any area of your portal
Activity feed
  • share your status
  • see relevant news of topics or users of your interest
Calendar and Events
  • schedule private, public or user group based events
  • events can be at a specific location or they can be online meetings using a screen sharing technology
  • use invitation functionality and publish a single event or a series of events in any area of your portal
  • manage participations effectively
  • use notifications and feedback functionality
  • private collaboration in closed groups
  • users can apply to join or automatically join based on group settings
  • invitation and notifications
Abuse control
  • various types of elements can be marked as “abuse” by your users
  • this section gives you effective control about such notifications


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