Content Management

Collect, manage and publish your digital content in a highly personalized user experience.
Content Pages
  • publish content to single pages. Automatically created a unique, human readable URL
  • assign content to specific user groups
Intro Pages
  • define which content automatically appears on the introduction pages of a menu
Navigation Menus
  • use the integrated menu editor to create multi-level menus
  • sortation via drag & drop
  • support of multi-language
Content Management
  • schedule for publication and removal of content
  • assign menus and content to user groups
  • allow editors to publish content to assigned menus or types of content
  • display an editor profile pages and list all content/articles published by this editor
  • keep control of your content by using workflows to double check content
Version Control
  • automatically create a new version for changed content and allow rollbacks
User group based Content delivery
  • deliver content and intro pages based on user groups
  • display the items of the navigation menus depending on the user groups
  • personalize content based on the user’s information like first name, last name and more
Teaser Mode
  • display the headline and a short description of a content
  • in order to view the entire content a user is requested to register / to login
Search Engine Optimization
  • your content will be automatically optimized to be found in search engines
Social Media
  • automatically distribute new content to your Facebook and Twitter account
  • inform subscribed users automatically about new content of their interest
Structured templates
  • Structure and design your content and intro pages based on different content types
  • can be assigned to content pages and intro pages per menu

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