Developer Tools

We love developers. Get the support you need to implement or enhance your SITEFORUM based solution.
Integrated development environment
  • build or customize existing apps
  • automated code creation using “My App”
  • user driven code permissions
  • helpful conflict and exception handling
Database Visualizer
  • manage standard database connections
  • create, execute, and optimize SQL queries
  • manage data-related objects
Release Management & Version control
  • cross server diff reports
  • release new versions
  • rollback of version
  • keep track of changes
Applications framework
  • create a new or customize an existing app and remain in the upgradeable framework
  • make use of the already fully integrated modules of our portal technology
Developer Documentation
  • comprehensive documentation of native and user functions
  • helpful how-to-tutorials
  • examples on the UI-framework
Performance monitoring
  • view page and database statement delivery times
  • optimize your portal with automized errors and status code reports
  • improve speed by advanced performance and monitoring support


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