Portal Technology

The starting point to implement your digital strategy which is reliable, flexible and grows with your business needs.
User management
  • create and manage users, organizations, departments, user groups, user roles and passwords
  • a legally secure management of policies like terms & conditions, Terms of Use and other confirmation related policies in your portal
  • allow self-registration or registration via backend functionality
Secure authentication
  • government grade encryption
  • email verification
  • LDAP or active directory authentication
  • oauth2
Data protection
  • erase user’s personal data
  • export user’s personal data in a machine readable format
  • optionally support of the European Privacy Seal for IT Products and IT-based Services (EuroPriSE)
  • out-of-the-box integration with open source Apache Lucene
  • allows google like „Suggest ...“ and „Did you mean“ functionality for all elements in your portal
  • integrated system emails which notify your users about various events in your portal
  • content and design can be changed to your needs
  • integrated tracking of different event types (added, changed, removed, ...) for all elements in your portal
  • graphical representation using different types graphs
  • support English, German and Spanish out of the box
  • additional languages can be added via translation key functionality
  • a time-based job scheduler for different types of events in your portal
  • new jobs can be scheduled or existing system jobs can be managed
Application framework
  • activate and assign applications individually to user groups
  • implement new applications faster based on a powerful framework
UI Framework and CI integration
  • integrated UI framework to make all application have the same look & feel
  • full support to integrate your own CI
  • a highly modular architecture which allows for greater stability, flexibility and extensibility
Integration & APIs
  • supports integration with REST, SOAP, RSS and others
  • already integrated Google, Twitter, Facebook, Twilio, Stripe, Paypal, Wirecard, Authorize.net, Citrix GotoMeeting, PDF conversion
  • REST and Oauth2 framework to provide portal data to external services per request
Customization & Development Tools
  • all applications can be customized using the integrated development environment
  • program new applications with the guidelines of the application framework
  • integrated release management and version control
  • support of Java, Jquery, HTML5 and many others
Performance Monitoring
  • view page and database statement delivery times
  • optimize your portal with automized errors and status code reports
  • improve speed by advanced performance and monitoring support
Multi-tenant Architecture
  • run several portals in one instance
  • optionally inherit sources, functionality and data between portals
Instant Update
  • even with your own applications and with customizations your portal remains fully updateable
  • our instant update process makes sure that your portal stays up-to-date and always runs on the latest stable technology stack

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