Optimize your daily work and use the integrated productivity applications to perfectly organize your organization.
  • manage all your mailboxes and emails in one place
  • use folders and filter rules to efficiently run your daily emails
  • integrated out-of-office handling
  • fully integrated with you portal calendar and project & task management
Projects & Tasks
  • an intelligent project management supports the organization of daily tasks in a team
  • extensive functionalities allow a quick insight into the status of your projects and the internal capacities
Incoming Invoices
  • store incoming invoices and assign for multi-step approval mechanism to internal users
  • keep control of due invoices or start a workflow for invoices in question
  • use archive functionalities and easily find invoices based on various filter/search options
  • notifications and very detailed access control
  • exports to accounting systems
  • helpful reports of current liabilities
Outgoing Invoice
  • create one-time or recurring invoices and send them using self-defined email templates
  • convenient handling of items, positions, services, currencies, taxes and recipients
  • management of reminders
  • helpful report of what?
Contract Management
  • categorize and manage all your contracts
  • receive notifications about cancellation deadlines
  • access control

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