SITEFORUM v12.1 - release September 2022

Highlights: Form Builder usability improvements, PDF placeholder to display viewable PDFs in stories, new Image Formats webp/avif ans Password Preview

Form Builder

  • Usability improvements and new functionalities

Extension of the comment function 

  • Comment Likes were introduced (allows "Dislike" in the future) 
  • Sorting of comments by date / likes 
  • Emoji icons and symbols in comments

Anti Virus Scanner 

  • clamav is fully integrated in upload, e.g. file manager, media pool, webmail 

PDF views in media pool 

  • with placeholders PDFs can be displayed directly in a story article

Image formats in the media pool 

  • Support of new image formats webp/avif 

Password preview 

  • All password fields of forms have a show/hide sysmbol to improve input in mobile views

Bugfixes and performance improvements

  • Numerous bugfixes and performance improvements in many applications

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