SITEFORUM v7.0 - released December 2011

SITEFORUM v7.0 - released December 2011

Main innovations: User group Improvements, New Dynamic Activity Feeds, New Survey Tool, Improved CRM System

We are proud to announce this new release which brings our “all-in-one” Social Business Suite to a whole new level of business collaboration.

We have updated our User Group capabilities to provide the most powerful community and collaboration opportunities both inside and outside your organisation.

Our dynamic activity feeds enable users to “like” and comment on every item in real-time - creating an exciting new user experience.

We have introduced a great new application for running surveys directly in your network. This powerful research and crowd-sourcing tool enables you to get valuable insights with the minimum of cost.

Get a first impression on the new Surveys in this video:

Last but not least we have enhanced our CRM system with some fundamental changes. A configurable dashboard gives you and your sales team the most important details on personal notes, actions and opportunities at a glance.




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