SITEFORUM v7.1 - released April 2012

SITEFORUM v7.1 - released April 2012

Main innovations: Group enhancements with surveys and ideas; folders in media pool; self-organizing teams and communities

Just three month after our major release 7.0 we are glad to present the follow-up version.

This time we clearly put the development focus on one of the core features of all communities: Group Collaboration.

Heavy enhancements make groups even more valuable: Group Managers can run surveys exclusively for group members and modify the group navigation according to their individual requirements. They can collect ideas and let members rate them with the new Idea Management Application which can be added to the group features. The media pool app allows group managers and members to upload and organize files in folder structure.

Another highlight of v7.1. is the capability to setup "self-organizing teams and communities". This allows you to define your customers main contact person and also assign one or many groups to this company. Your customer can then organize their teams themselves and all team members will be automatically assigned to the defined groups. You can use this to create customer communities for product and service innovation.



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