SITEFORUM v7.3 - release May 2013

Main innovations: Media Pool enhancements; Improved Search Facilities

SITEFORUM v7.3 - release May 2013

Main innovations: Media Pool enhancements; Improved Search Facilities

The upcoming release 7.3 is a consequent advancement of release 7.2. It focuses on the unification of the file systems and along with that improved search facilities. Especially the new search capability for groups lets members find content way quicker than it used to be in the past.

Media Pool Enhancements

The Media Pool is going to be the leading system for file management. We already started to pave the way in previous releases and migrated files that have been stored in other locations to the Media Pool (e.g. company logos and files). With this release the user files will be migrated to the Media Pool which means that every user is going to have his private Media Pool to share files with contacts or the public.

We also included further improvements like an option to switch on a time control just like for stories in menus. This enables you to manage the visibility of files in folders by defining its start and expiry date. The File Manager will receive a notification mail when the expiration date is reached. There will also be a new display of document lists in the Media Pool view with automatically generated file previews and new templates for embedding document lists into stories or widgets. Additionally, files can be forwarded to others via email. It is also possible to migrate DMS files and folders manually to the Media Pool via the import function.

Improved Search Facilities

Search facilities in the portal will be unified and heavily improved. It will be easy to search in all areas of the portal or to select a certain application like users, companies, files, stories or blogs. The auto suggest feature lets you quickly find the things you were looking for. We are also going to introduce the same search within groups where only group content is included in the search results.

Selection of other improvements:

  • Storage space of Media Pool files can be set individually for each group - the standard value is 100 MB
  • Applications "Ideas" and "Surveys" have been added to the notification email for new group content in order to alert members when new ideas and surveys have been posted
  • Minor improvements for account widget layouts, better handling of attachments for notes and actions and removal from "Media" (file management now completely via Media Pool)



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