SITEFORUM v7.4 - release December 2013

SITEFORUM v7.4 - release December 2013

Main innovations: New statistics and better reporting; Event improvements with GoToMeeting integration; User profiles and privacy

Visitors and users in your portal generate a huge amount of data each and every day. They view, create and comment content, upload and share files, visit other profiles, receive campaigns and much more. SITEFORUM tracks all these activities but what does that mean for your business? How can you use all the information to improve the user experience and provide the right information for your leads and customers? This is the big challenge for every business and we want to enable you to use this "big data" in a reasonable manner. Our 7.4 release will help meet this target.

New statistic and reporting facilities

With this upcoming release you will be experiencing major improvements in the statics area of the portal. We are not only planning to update and unify existing statistics with our event tracking but also to include a comprehensive graphic report dashboard. Furthermore, 7.4 will include enhanced user statistics and also company reporting facilties that add value to your vendor directories as company owners can see how successful their profile is.

Improved event module

The network calendar will be renewed with improved designs, easier handling and readable url's to support search engine optimization and easy share of events in other social networks. Also, we are going to replace the Netviewer software with the more flexible GoToMeeting software which enables you to create web conferences directly in the portal.

Renewed user profiles and privacy settings

Data protection is key - both when you are using the CRM facilities of the portal and also when establishing a community where users manage their own profiles and share content. That is why we will renew the user profile and the privacy settings in release 7.4.

Selection of other improvements:

  • New "Abuse Center" to simplify the Community Control (report spam, block users, get notifications)
  • Company Rollup enhancements to move not only users but also data and content from one company to another
  • New and improved layout templates for Media Pool items

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