The SITEFORUM digitalization platform is the basis of the use cases of our customers.

With SITEFORUM's solutions, small, medium-sized and large companies go the way of digitalization with a secure future.

We have been helping companies digitize for over 15 years.
We are industry-independent and flexible.
Our products are powerful and secure.

Click on the boxes to learn more about the respective solutions.

Employee portals

Create a platform for your employees to transform complex processes into digital self-services. For an optimized workday.


Customer portals

Offer your customers customized self-services. Save time and money. And increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Information Management

Standardized logging, distribution and documentation of daily events of transport companies. Real-time and multi-channel information for stakeholders, clients and passengers.



Setzen Sie auf eine Plattform für ihre Kunden, um einen digitalen Factoring-Service anzubieten, interne Abläufe zu beschleunigen und Wachstumspotential auszuschöpfen.



Equip your employees with a helpful knowledge and information base and an effective place for internal communication and collaboration.



Organize an online community to share knowledge, experiences and information. Use the advantages of a growing community for your products and services.


Productivity Portals

Emails, calendar, projects & tasks, online-meetings and documents in just one solution. Increase your productivity by using an integrated and highly secure solution.


Integration Platform

Create seamless business processes by integrating newly and existing applications in one reliable and highly available platform. Run new, disruptive business models.


Corporate Websites

Create a corporate website for your customers. With impressive digital experiences and modern self-services.


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