SITEFORUM Platform-as-a-Service (SPAAS)
Hosting | Scalability | Security | Instant Update | RAD


Named a cool vendor by Gartner Group, SPAAS is combining cloud, mobile, social und bigdata in a unique platform. We used it to build and deliver numerous customer projects successfully, affordable and within short timeframes. You can do this too.

SPAAS consists of the complete BusinessCloud functionality, SITEFORUM RAD Studio and SITEFORUM Network Operation Center, combining scalable hosting, redundancy, security and InstantUpdate.

Together with online courses and Webinars, through SITEFORUM Academy, we enable system integrators in no time to plan, build, implement and run their own vertical solutions.
SPAAS means proven technology, used by millions of users worldwide. 80% turnkey functionality that you extend based on customer specs and we develop further into the future.

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