Intranet & Backoffice

This module helps you increase the productivity and efficiency of your team by using functionalities like invoices, contracts, tasks and calendar


Calendar User

Calendar Users are given access to the Calendar function of SITEFORUM portal software allowing them to create and manage tasks and events. This role does not require a license.
To assign a role to a user...
  1. Go to Marketing and CRM
  2. Search and find the user
  3. Click access rights
  4. Choose the role you wish to assign
  5. Save


Webmail is a system for the management of emails. Emails can be written, sent, saved, forwared, etc. - in fact everything an email system provides. Webmail contains mailboxes, folders, address book, filters, signature, GNU privacy guard, search mode, etc.

The advantage of Webmail: it is web based. That means that no special client is necessary. Emails can be downloaded from any computer which is connected to the Internet, using a browser and a login.


Can I change the link "Documents"?

The link "Documents", which leads to the Document Management System (DMS), is a so-called Application Link and can be modified at any time:
Tools & Administration > Design & Layout > Applikation Links/Overview > Tab DMS > Documents. You can translate the link in all available languages at once.

Why can the new Document Manager not access any menu?

To every user, who got the role "Document Manager", the folder(s) and subfolder(s) have to be assigned, which he/she is allowed to edit.
  1. Go to the overview of the Document Managers (Intranet & Backoffice > Documents (DMS) > Document Managers)
  2. Select the corresponding Document Manager.
  3. Click the icon Assign.
  4. Activate the desired folder(s) and subfolder(s).
  5. Click the button Save.

DMS Import

You can import the entire folder structure from your DMS - to do so go to a folder in the Media Pool, click the blue "Actions" button and select "Import". In the "DMS" area you can select the folder(s) that you want to import. If activated, the "Check" option checks for existing files in the entire Media Pool in order to avoid duplicates.

You can import DMS folders into the backend Media Pool as well as into a group Media Pool.

What's the difference between the File System and the Document Management System?

The File System (Tools & Administration > Files) is for an internal administration of files of all kinds, e.g. the portal stores neccessary SEO files (Search Engine Optimization) automatically. Images needed for the layout of the portal or placed in stories are saved in the files system as well.

The Document Management System is for public provision of documents or files. That means that your employees, partners or customers can - depending on their access rights - access the DMS on the portal surface with its folders and files and download and save the files.

How can I copy or move files to another folder in the DMS?

To copy or to move several files into another folder at the same time, please click the command Mass Action:
  1. Mark all desired files.
  2. Select the target folder below the table.
  3. Click either the button Move to folder or Copy to folder.

Why are there some files in the DMS twice in a folder?

In the Document Management System several files can coexist with the same file name, not like in a usual file oder folder structure. Therewith when moving or copying these files with the same name don't get overwritten in the target folder.

How can I scan additional data in the DMS when uploading a file?

With the integration of a form you can provide additional fields (like version number, last modification date, author, etc.) in the Document Management System (DMS) when uploading a document/file, which the user hast to fill out. The data are visible when viewing the document/file.

Add a form (Marketing & CRM > Forms/Add) which contains the desired fields and assign this form in the settings (Marketing & CRM > Forms/Settings) to the DMS. You can only assign one form to the DMS.

Why can I not select a receiver/verifier when uploading an invoice?

First you have to add an Invoice User whom you assign administration rights for certain invoice folders. There has to be at least one user, who is authorized as receiver/verifier.

How can I view upcoming dates of cancelation?

Go to Intranet & Backoffice > Contracts >Statistic in the navigation on the left and then on the tab Next dates of cancelation.

Which email programs are supported when importing to the Webmail address book?

The import into the address book can be accomplished with any *.csv-file (comma separated values). Hence you can import data from any email program which supports the export of *.csv-files. This is possible with almost any current email program (Outlook, Thunderbird, ...).

Why is the calendar not visible in the My Tools section?

There can be several reasons for the calendar not being displayed in My Tools:
  • In the Page Settings of My Tools the calendar is not made visible.
  • In the Application Links (Tools & Administration > Design & Layout > Application Links/Overview) the option My Tools (Tab Groupware) for the calendar is not activated.
  • No event/appointment was entered yet. The calendar gets displayed in My Tools not before there is at least one appointment.

Why are public events displayed in my private events?

Public events which you attend as well as public events which you created yourself are displayed in your private events.

What's the difference between Visibility and Preselection of visibility?

Visibility: Here you select the options which you want to provide your users when adding a new event. Based on your selection of activated options the users then can decide, for whom they want to make the event visibile.

Preselection of visibility: Here you make a preselection of the active options of the visibility, which the user, who adds an event sees, e.g. by default "Only my contacts". Of course the user can select another option.

How can I display the calendar for guests?

The public calendar works only if the module Network & Community is part of your pakage. If that is the case the application link "Events" has to be active (Tools & Administration > Design & Layout > Application Links/Overview > Tab Network & Community/Events).

By default only users with the role "Calendar User" and Portal Master of course are allowed to enter public events. But you can also allow this e.g. all of your members or only your Premium Members, by assigning the permission "calendar_create_public" to the corresponding user role (Tools & Administration > Access Rights/Permissionss).

Why are some emails not moved to the correct folder despite filter settings?

Please check the priority of your filters: Filters with a higher priority get accomplished first. Hence, if one filter with a higher priority applies already, possibly filters with a lower priority don't work any more.

How can I add a filter in Webmail?

Filters as well as signature settings get changed in the settings of your mailbox:
Intranet & Backoffice > Webmail > Settings > Mailbox Settings > Filter

How can I edit the signature in Webmail?

The signature as well as filter settings get changed in the settings of your mailbox:
Intranet & Backoffice > Webmail > Settings > Mailbox Settings > Signature

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