Creating a form

A form is an interactive part of a website that allows users to fill in fields of information, completed forms can be automatically forwarded to any email address(es).

• In order to create a form go to the Marketing & CRM tab, choose forms followed by add.
• Fill in the relevant fields, (form name etc.).
• Now  add the elements (which make up the content) to the form. First go back to the forms overview and choose the form you would like to edit and choose the add element tab.
• You will see a number of options to choose from each of which create up a different type of element (yes/no or open answer etc.) each are described in detail on the page. Once you’ve chosen the type of element you would like to add it’s time to add the detail.
• First add the unique identifier for this field. This won't appear on the form.
• Then add the designation. The designation is the question as it appears on the form.
• If you need additional information add it as a comment and it will appear in brackets under the designation on the form.
• Once this has been done save and the first question on the form has been created.
• Repeat this process until all the elements have been created.
• Note, should you need to change the order of the elements this can be done in the elements screen (next to the add element tab) by using the up/down icons next to each element.
• Embed the form into a story using the placeholder $showFormID:number

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