Adding content to your booth

In order to edit the content of your booth you will need to use the customise booth button below the booth itself. When you open this you will see a blueprint of your booth.  

Here you can:
• Edit the left and right panel of the booth. Type in the title of then either choose a template (which can be edited using the edit content button below the dropdown) or type text straight into the panel; if you use the edit content button you will open a page with a wysiwyg editor (see below).
• In the centre box you will see an add/edit video button. Clicking this will open a page where you can upload a new/change the current logo of your booth, upload a video to go in the centre panel of your booth or select a USTREAM video to embed.
• The text below the screen allows you to edit the text that is below the video in your booth, simply type in the text directly and save to add this to the booth, note you can use html here to add functions such as a link.
• Once you have edited all the areas you desire simply save the settings and go back to your booth to see how it all looks, go back to edit where necessary.

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