Managing Forums

Portal Manager > Network and Community > Forums

Setting up Forums

• In forum Overview click add tab at top of screen.
• Fill in Name Description and Forum Group (see later), select BBcode on/off, define the maximum size of uploads to forum and set a moderation size.
• Click Next
• Assign Reading Rights – i.e. which user groups this will be available to read the content (guest by default).
• Assign Writing Rights – i.e. who will be able to create content (guest by default).
• Save - your forum is now set up.

Editing a Forum

• To edit a forum simply click the edit tab in the forum overview page.

Creating Forum Groups

• In Forum overview click the Forum Groups button on the left hand navigation, then choose add. Type in the name if your group
• Choose the user groups who will be able to see forums in this group in assign user groups
• Choose the network groups that the forum will be visible to in assign network groups.
• Save – this completes this section.
• Note – to assign a forum to a new group you must edit the forum not the group.

Creating Moderators for your forums

• In the left hand menu of the forum overview page choose Moderators Overview this gives you a list of all current moderators on the portal.
• To Create a new moderator click the add tab at the top of the screen.
• If the user is already registered on the site then use the auto-search functions to find them, if not fill in the details and they will be automatically registered on the site.

Assigning Moderators

• Choose the Assign in the left hand menu
• Choose the name of the moderator you want to assign and the forum you want to assign them to it the two drop downs.
• Save – the selected person is now a moderator for this forum.

Moderating a Forum

• Once a moderator has been chosen for a forum a series of edit buttons will appear under each forum entry to allow the moderator to change / edit content.

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