Design & Layout

You can control the look, design and layout of your complete portal as well as of single elements with this powerful function.

MasterSets & DesignSets Select predefined MasterSets combining different combinations of colours, fonts, logos, and layouts. It may be changed at anytime. Select colours from predefined DesignSets. Selection and storing overwrites colours and fonts in the CSS file.

Logos & Icons Upload you company logo and adjust icons to it.

Colours Adjust all colours concerning every edge of your portal. Use CSS directly or the simple mode. CSS modules and a CSS library are available.

Background Images Adjust all colours concerning the backgrounds of your portal. Use CSS directly or the simple mode. CSS modules and a CSS library are available.

CSS Modules Adapt the CSS modules, CSS module library and CSS files.

Colour Palette Palette selection can be pre-assigned and changed with simple icon selection. Different palettes can be easily loaded using the palette frames. These can be individually assigned. Combinations can be easily generated dynamically.

Settings Make general settings concerning WYSIWYG editors, font sizes, images, .pdf and design export and import, etc.

Application Links Application links are specific links going to a certain application, which you can place anywhere. Manage all application links, rename, replace, sort, translate them, etc.

Templates Manage all templates like story templates, product templates, intro templates, blog templates, feed templates, campaign templates, etc. Templates describe the layout of the named elements using HTML, CSS and placeholders.

Master Design & Design Modules Arrange layout modules as placeholders using defined Master Designs. A WYSIWIG editor can be used so you don't need HTML knowledge for simple changes. Design Modules are placeholders for functions, which may be used in Master Designs.

Viewer All locally stored pictures can be loaded directly into the server. Use the integrated picture editor to edit the images.

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