Design Modules

v6.0 - Last Mod.: 04/15/2010
Design Modules are placeholders with which you respond to certain areas and define the abilities of these single functions.
Note: To work in this section it is absolutely necessary that you have good HMTL skills.

1. Design Modules

  1. Click the button Portal Manager to get to the administrative area.
  2. Then click Tools & Administration > Design & Layout.
  3. In the navigation on the left, below Master Design & Design Module, click Design Modules.
All Design Modules are listed:
  • $name-Module Shows the module and how it is used in the Master Design.
  • Name Shows the name of the module.
  • Description Describes the module.
The modules are divided in the following blocks:
  • Navigations & Menus
  • info modules
  • other important modules
  • Layout elements of $content area
  • other layout elements
Note: You cannot create Design Modules on your own, rather use Design Attributes, q.v. Support > End User > Tools & Layout > Design Attributes.

1.1 Edit

  1. Choose in the overview the module you want to edit.
  2. Click the name of the module.
Note: Every Design Module has its own parameters, which means that the editing mode is always different.
You get to the following table:
  • Position Name Shows the position and the name of the parameters.
  • Edit In this column you edit the parameter.
  • use only these placeholders In this column all available placeholders are listed.
  • Description Describes the parameter.
  1. Edit the parameter in the column Edit.
    Warning: Only use the given placeholders for each position.
  2. Click the button Save when ready.

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