Managing Files

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SITEFORUM has a powerful file management system built in to their CMS software, it manages and mantains the file structure of your Portal and through the use of various tools such as placeholders simplifies the deployment of them around your site.

Uploading files

  • Go to the files page
  • click through to the folder you wish to add the files to
  • browse you hard drive using the  filew browser at the top
  • click upload

Uploading and unpacking zip files.

  • To upload a file as a zip follow the above instructions
  • Once the zip is uploaded, click the arrow next to the file name
  • Click Extract
  • Wait for the process to finish
  • Go back to the folder and the files will be present.

Creating a zip to download

  • Click the create zip file button
  • this will automatically create a zip of all the files in the folder you are in
  • click on the arrow next to the new zip
  • click download.

Various options in the file manager

  • Rename - allows you to rename a file, note you will need to change any links to this file.
  • Cut - deletes from first location and moves to another Note, if moved you will need to create links
  • Paste -  comes after cut/ copy (to move)
  • Copy - moves, but keeps original placement
  • Delete - Deletes files
  • Touch - edit
  • Extract - take files out of a zip
  • Show content - shows the content of a file
  • Open File - opens the file
  • Download - allows you to download a file.

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